Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Cattlegate, Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewatergate, Troopergate, Chinagate and Monicagate are just some of the scandals that have plagued the Clintons over the course of years. Now we have Fundraisergate, triggered by FEC false filings and a four-count indictment that stem from a Hollywood fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's 2000 senate campaign. And it's a scandal that will undoubtedly continue to haunt her.

Will this new scandal destroy Hillary Clinton's political career, which has been on an upward trajectory from the get-go? Well that remains to be seen. The question is whether Senator Clinton can be directly implicated in criminal wrongdoing. The Clintons always insulate themselves from prosecution by utilizing layers of minions to do their dirty work. To date, the Clintons have been astonishingly adroit at sidestepping disaster. Believe it or not, many Republicans are betting on Hillary Clinton to persevere. Not because they support her. In fact, they vehemently oppose her. It's really a testament to the keen political and legal capabilities of the Clintons that are widely acknowledged. Some Republicans jokingly liken the Clintons to Damien of the Omen series. Invariably, everyone surrounding Damien falls on their sword while the corrupt one continues onward.

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