Friday, December 10, 2004

NY Time's Fantasy

Reading Fantasy Politics over at The New York Times is like a preview of "welcome to my nightmare." A nightmare featuring a 2008 inauguaration of Hillary Clinton as president of the United States of America.

Could she really cast aside the baggage from years in the spotlight to become not merely the first senator since John F. Kennedy - or the first Northeasterner of any party since Mr. Kennedy - to be elected to the White House, but America's first woman president?
Think it can't happen?? Think again.

For many Democrats, certainly, she is the only personality, the only larger-than-life figure in the party with the drive, the ambition and the name recognition that might be able to lead the party out of the wilderness of political defeat.
Can she get the nomination? The Times reports:

In a Gallup poll taken in November after the election, 25 percent of respondents chose her as their preferred Democratic candidate; John Kerry came in second at 15 percent.
Welcome to my nightmare.

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